Same great services. Different name.


Global connectivity reimagined

Unnitel was founded with the singular mission to develop a range of products and services that reimagines the possibilities of global connectivity and mobility for the traveller.

Making the unreliable reliable

We demystify complex gadgetry and the need for multiple SIM cards or the risks of using unsecured public WiFi networks which can be hacked. We help eliminate sky-high roaming costs from home town operators. When it comes to data, we are Always On.

One simple product. Many options.


Global data at a transparent price

Through cloudSIM technology and local 4G networks, we give you blazing fast data in more than 100 countries worldwide, eliminating the risk of bill shocks and avoiding the hassle of physical SIM cards. In contrast to our competitors, our global data is No Expiry meaning that compared to expensive daily plans, your data stays with you until you use it all. Read more about how our No Expiry data works here.

The Unnifi

Our bestseller. A simple pocket friendly WiFi router that connects to the fastest local 4G networks worldwide and lets you connect up to 5 of your own devices to it.
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WeRocket is now Unnitel

If you were looking for, you have ended up at because we have changed our name and moved. Your device will still work as before, but we would encourage you to check out our new prepaid No Expiry offers for data. Visit the home page to find out more. If you have any questions, contact us directly using the form or via email.