Like Carrying over 100 SIM Cards in Your Bag

With the Unnifi and Unnifi+ devices, there is no need to scramble at the airport to buy a local SIM card because you are already carrying a virtual SIM bank with tens of thousands of cards from over a hundred countries.

When you turn on the Unnifi or press "Connect" from within the Unnifi+'s phone app, a SIM card is electronically allocated to your device, and the data will begin to flow.


Local Data Experience

Because you are allocated a local SIM card rather than relying on your carrier's roaming arrangements, you'll have higher network priority.

Also, you are not reliant on only a single provider within each country. Your Unnitel devices will monitor signal strength and switch between Tier-1 operators when it falls below acceptable threshold.


Unnitel's technology platform is provided by uCloudlink, a global leader in cloudSIM technology founded in 2011.

uCloudlink has 1,000 employees, including 500 R&D engineers and holds over 50 technical patents, operates 20+ branches in China and other international locations.

Unnitel has been in partnership with uCloudlink since 2017.